Offering Home & Business delivery:

• Coconuts sell for $6.50 each
(Any size.)

• All Coconuts are Young Fresh Green Coconuts.
(Some may have coconut jelly or young delicious meat inside. Most are all water.)

• Average Coconut contains 15.5 ounces of fresh green young coconut water.

• Minimum Order is 7 Coconuts.

• Delivery with in 7 days.

Delivery & Recycling:
There is a $6 delivery fee + a $.50 deposit/recycle fee per coconut. If customer returns empty cocos, they receive a $.50 return for each coconut.
Note: we reuse the coconut husk to make peat. Coco peat used for drainage, fertilizer, and more.

Care and Shelf Life Suggestions:
• Consume fresh Cocos within five days.
• Can last up to 7 days and still be fresh.
• Learn how to open a coconut. click here.
• Taste test applies in order to detect if it has spoiled or not.
• Similar to any shelf life test for other fresh fruits, juices, etc..

NoelaniTM is currently offering fresh green coconuts and fresh coconut water direct to consumers and direct to businesses in Connecticut and NYC.

We currently offer:
Direct delivery of fresh green coconuts.(Consumer and Commercial Accounts)
Direct pick up & recycling of used shell/husks.
On site clinics to educate you on the benefits of coconut water.
On site clinics about how to properly tap a coconut to enjoy it's water.
Sales and Cleaning of Dispensers and Tapping Tools.

To order a delivery of Noelani
TM fresh green coconuts please Contact Us.

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